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Meet the Team

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Josh Fate

Accountant and System Design Specialist
 Oklahoma State Graduate - Accounting
 • 30 years experience development and design, of manufacturing and supply chain automation systems
 • Patent holder for communication devices within hazardous environments

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Richard Ely President

Founded Ely Energy in 1974
 • Purdue Graduate - Mechanical Eng.
 • Global Supplier of industrial butane and propane systems
 • $8MM company with 35 employees sold in 2010
 • Specialist in engineering, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing LPG systems


Bob Ely
Chief Engineer

Professional Chemical Engineer
 • Nearly 40 years of experience in the design and construction of petroleum and chemical facilities
 • Instrumentation and process control is an area of expertise
 • Developed the Holos-20 software package that is integral to the system


Here are just a few members of our Oklahoma team that make everything run smoothly. Our industry expertise runs deep thanks to the many years of experience in the manufacturing and extraction industry.

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