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The original FULLY Automatic Extractor

Unique among all Butane, BHO solvent extractors.
the Holos 20 is a fully automated, computerized, complete business solution.  

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When the Holos 20 is in full automatic mode, the extraction can run from start to finish with no operator input if desired.

  • Can accurately duplicate pre-programmed and proven recipes every time

  • Up to 20 lbs. in under 2 hours with higher and more consistent yields than manually operated systems

  • Detailed printed reports confirming precise batch run

  • The user interface is on a touch screen. A real-time process diagram is on a second monitor




  • Managers can monitor the process “live” on remote devices such as iPad, iPhone, and computers via the internet

  • Other departments such as accounting can use simultaneously

  • Software updates are automatically downloaded with customer approval.

  • A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is connected with Elf for trouble shooting purposes, software updates and system diagnostics.

Complete Business Solution Reports

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  • Run reports easily integrated to local and state reporting software

  • Batch tracking and complete custody trail

  • Tax and compliance information

  • Internal diagnostic reports on each batch run


  • The entire system is certified and meets Class 1, Div 2. Requirements

  • All solid state DC controls

  • ASME certified system operation up to 150 PSI

  • 3rd party peer reviewed for safety by PSI, Pressure Safety Inspectors

Automated Heating and Cooling System

  • Unique in the industry. Every vessel can be either heated or cooled depending on the required recipe. This results in:

    • Extremely Fast, efficient production

    • Minimum recovery time

  • -30 degree Chiller included


  • The Product Column will hold up to 20 pounds of botanical material with its 34 liter capacity.

  • Under 2 hour cycle time from fill to empty is typical which includes up to a 30 minute soak.

  • A spare column can be prepared while another column is in process. Upwards of 160 Lbs. can be processed in 2 shifts per day.

At Elf Extraction, we are committed to YOUR safety, service, efficiency and success. 

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