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Our Process

The automated computerized Holos 20 integrates all pressures, solvent levels, water temps, level controls, and process times to provide an accurate systems status at all times during the run.  Combined with a number of built in safety limits, it yields an extremely efficient and worry free operation.  

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  1. Filling the Column

The Product Column is first filled with botanicals and tamped down. It holds about 20 pounds of compacted material. Cooling fluid is pumped throught the jacket and the column and contents are chilled to as low as -30c.

2. Soaking the botanical material

Super cold, liquid n-butane from the solvent tank fills the Product Column to fully cover the botanical material. During the soaking period (typically 30 minutes for hemp and less than 5 for flower) the botanical oil combines with the butane.

3. Drain & Rinse

After the initial soaking period the oil-rich butane drains into the Recovery Pot. The status of the drain can be viewed by means of a flow sight glass. At this stage additional rinses may be applied to insure complete extraction of the valuable oils.


4. Recovering the Solvent

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The Recovery Pot is heated to evaporate the n-butane which is pulled back into the solvent tank during the recovery. The botanical oil does not evaporate with the n-butane and remains behind in the Recovery Pot as a beautiful golden honey-like goo. Actual recovery time is about 90 minutes.

5. dumping spent material

The Product Column is briefly heated under vacuum to drive out and recover the last remains of the solvent it contains.  Less than 1/4 of a gallon in lost per batch with this recovery system. The dry, spent botanicals are easily dumped out by removing the Product Column cap and rotating the column on its axis.