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The Elf Advantage

Accurate repeatable recipes is the unique advantage of a fully automated HOLOS 20. The safety of our equipment is unmatched in the industry and butane is the solvent of choice for botanicals and essential oils.  It is superior to any other extraction process because of it's ability to improve the time, oil quality, yields, edible safety, speed and profitability. Most importantly, the full spectrum profile of the plant remains intact when using butane as the solvent, unlike other extraction methods.  

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years in research

7 iterations and rigorous testing
at a real production facility in Colorado.


Pounds in 2 hours

The industry’s fastest and most efficient extraction method.


years experience

Butane and propane fuels systems, IT, software development, and process design expertise

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The HOLOS Difference


Fully Automated and Peer Reviewed for safety.

  • Precisely duplicates recipes every time

  • Eliminates operator error

  • See entire process status at a glance

  • Detailed run reports on every batch

The Holos Difference

“The capacity of the Holos 20 is amazing. It can hold up to 20 pounds of plant material.  And it can produce over a Kilo of oil every time. The new automated system is mind blowing.  Enter in a recipe, use any parameters and it will automatically do it for you. That means I have time to do the other things I need to do in the lab.   I’ve never felt unsafe running this machine.  It’s Old Faithful, that’s what I call it.”

-  Tara, Elite Botanicals, Loveland Molecular labs 
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Our Story

In the winter of 2014, two highly talented entrepeneurs (Richard and Josh) brought their engineering and software expertise to the market.  The first prototype was assembled in Richard’s garage. After nearly 4 years and 7 more iterations,  a truly  unique “fully automated” (computer controlled) butane extraction system has been birthed. 

Why?  The market needed precise, repeatable recipes processed with the complete business solution in mind.  (i.e. automatic run reports, batch tracking, and tax compliance)  After 3 years of actual production use in Colorado, eliminating operator error and taking the guesswork out of the process is now the successful result.   The Holos 20 is now rolling off the assembly line. 

 With over 35 years experience in providing safe butane and propane fuel systems globally and 30+ years of IT and software development, the founders Richard Ely and Josh Fate are proud of the genius involved in this field proven, extremely low maintenance, and fast extraction system.  (20 lbs of biomass in under 2 hours.)

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Our highly qualified extraction professionals are here to help.  We do consultations, installations and thorough on-site training. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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Only the highest quality, commercial grade components have been used with the Holos 20. Required ongoing maintenance has proven to be ridiculously low.

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Operator TRaining

Elf provides a week of on-site training for owners and operations during system start-up. With remote phone support, we can train new operators at any time.


recipe creation

We assist in customizing recipes and provide a number of basic recipes to start.