The original FULLY Automatic Extractor

Butane is the solvent of choice in the botanical and essential oil industry.  It is superior to any other extraction process because of it's ability to improve the time, oil quality, yields, edible safety, speed and profitability.  At Elf Extraction, we are committed to safety, service, efficiency and success.  
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Fully Automated
• Can operate entire batch cycle with minimal operator interface required
• Can accurately duplicate pre-programmed and proven recipes every time
• Up to 20lbs in a single 2½ hour batch with higher and more consistent yields than manually operated systems
•  Detailed printed reports confirming precise batch run

Remote Monitoring
• Managers can monitor the process “live” on remote devices such as iPad, iPhone, and computers via the internet
• Other departments such as accounting can use simultaneously
• Software updates are automatically downloaded with customer approval and on-site availability

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Automated Heating and Cooling System
• Super-fast recovery time per pound of all botanical products.
• Fast, efficient production
• Up to -25 C Chiller included

• The entire system is certified and meets Class 1, Div 2. Requirements
• All solid state controls
• ASME certified system operation up to 140PSI
• 3rd party peer reviewed for safety by PSI

Complete Business Solution Reports
• Run reports easily integrated to local and state reporting software
• Batch tracking and complete custody trail
• Tax and compliance information
• Internal diagnostic reports on each batch run